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University and Public Health Protocols to limit the spread of COVID-19

  • Wearing a face covering, which should cover both your nose and mouth.

  • Washing your hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds using soap and water.

  • Staying six feet away from others, which includes walking on the right side of the hallway (known as social distancing).

  • Monitoring your health, which includes staying at home and seeking medical attention if you feel ill.

  • General Keating Standards

  • Capacity

  • Overall capacity limit for Keating Sports Center is 50 occupants. In order to accommodate necessary staff in the building only 40 occupants (not employed in Keating) will be allowed access to utilize the facility. Capacity will be further managed with limited access to each area within the building as follows. 

  • Weight room- Limit 10 occupants

  • Multipurpose Rooms- Limit 5 occupants

  • Basketball Courts- Limit 6 occupants; 3 per basket

  • Pool- Limit 6 occupants

  • Locker Room- Daily Access Only

  • Outdoor Fields- CLOSED due to lack of supervision. 

Risk Mitigation Policy

  • All occupants will be required to wear a face covering while using the facilities. Masks are to be worn during workouts and activity the exception would only apply to those in the pool when a mask cannot be reasonably worn. Face coverings will be expected on the pool deck when not swimming. 

  • Occupants are to maintain physical distancing, minimum 6ft, as much as is possible. No contact sports will be permitted. 

  • Sanitization products will be readily available in all areas of Keating. Including restrooms with soap and water, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies for equipment. 

  • Those utilizing equipment will be responsible for cleaning their equipment immediately following their use of the equipment. Staff within Keating will also be responsible for maintaining cleanliness and sanitization of the facilities and equipment. 

  • Entrance to Keating will be through the East lower level. All occupants must check in with the front desk personnel to have temperature scanned, report the location they plan to use in the building, and for hand sanitization prior to entering. If any occupant wishes to change location while in the building, they must report to the front desk prior to changing location. 

  • All occupants will be asked to keep their workout limited to 1 hour to allow for turnover and more individuals to access the building without going over capacity restrictions. 

General Keating Policies

  • All students, faculty, staff and current Keating Sports Center members using the facility MUST show a university ID or membership pass at the front desk located in the lobby.

  • If proper identification is not shown, the customer will not be allowed usage of the facility.

  • All bags, jackets, and extra belongings are not allowed upstairs on or around the floors. You put your belongings in a locker in the locker rooms.

  • Keating Sports Center is a privileged and limited university recreational center in which membership rules and policies should be strongly enforced for the safety of the IIT community.

 Guest Policy

  • At this time, we are not allowing any outside guest to use our facilities.

Equipment Checkout Policy

  • A university ID must be collected prior to all equipment check out at the front desk

  • Only current students/staff/faculty may check out equipment. Keating Sports Center members may not check out equipment.

  • The person who checks out the equipment must be the one to return it

  • If equipment is returned damaged, damages will be documented and the person who checked out the equipment may be charged for the replacement

  • Racquetballs, squash balls, and shuttlecocks are available to purchase for $2 each, no change will be given


Fitness Room Policies

  • Proper training attire must be worn at all times. This includes gym shoes, gym shorts and shirt.

  • Jeans, dress shoes, sandals, and/or bare feet are NOT allowed

  • Belongings must be kept in the locker room (coat, bags, etc.)

  • DO NOT drop or throw weight plates or dumbbells.

  • Return free weights to proper racks after each use.

  • Wipe down machines after use.

  • Food, drink, candy, gum, tobacco (chew) and toothpicks are not permitted in the weight room.

  • The Fitness Room closes 10 minutes before the facility, please respect the student workers when they tell you it is closing time

  • Misuse of equipment and facilities will result in immediate expulsion from the use of Keating Sports Center.

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